If you’re alive, a Christian, and you live in America you’ve likely been drawn in to conversations around the topic of gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle. As a son of not one but two gay parents, a Christ follower, and a pastor I’ve seen all sides of this dynamic play out. I’ve shared my story and principles of grace on this issue and I hope it’ll be a road map for us as believers. We can be uncompromising on truth AND loving to the LGBT community. How does that play out in real life? Well, it gets a little messy. But that’s the life Jesus calls us to and we must follow Him.

Because this issue is so divisive and current, my publisher is doing something different from anything they’ve done before—they’re offering the opportunity for up to 200 people to read the book BEFORE it hits store shelves on October 20th. To get an advance copy of Messy Grace, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Pre-order the book from your favorite store/online retailer.
  2. Give us some basic information on this form.
  3. We’ll send you your early edition in the mail right away.
    (Those who register after the first 200 have run out will receive a link to read the first two chapters.)


I hope these early copies will serve as a resource and that you’ll share the book with someone who needs it after you’re through. Let’s chart a new path of messy grace.


Have you already pre-ordered a copy? Don’t worry – that still counts for this promotion! Just fill out the form.

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